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The story talks about a recruit who's the offspring of two different races, your goal is to find out to which race he belongs to and win the imminent war.

Game info:

The story is divided into 9 chapters. The first one was made to give you a tutorial and explain you how battles work, to introduce you the main characters and let you explore the headquarters. The next 4 chapters are focused on understanding to which race the main character actually belongs to; during these chapters, you aren't allowed to travel around the map, you're forced to follow the story, which is still plenty of things to do; during this time, you can also talk to other characters, ask them about their past, and play as them during flashbacks. The last 4 chapters are focused on winning the war; after the end of the 5th chapter, the game will become an actual openmap videogame, allowing you to explore almost everything of the map. 

Why should you buy it? 

Because I've spent 2 years and half of my life working on its details and possibilities. Your actions and words may have some minor consequences in some cases; some side quests have different endings and paths, it depends on how much you've played the story and on which characters you bring along with you.


  • Key arrows to move;
  • SHIFT to run;
  • ENTER to select and analyze things;


  • Victor Engine - Victor Sant
  • Hime - Himeworks (http://himeworks.com)
  • Dreadwing93
  • SumRndmDde - http://sumrndm.site/
  • Yanfly Engine Plugins
  • Heartbreak61
  • Mr. Trivel
  • Daimonious Tails - Vlue
  • Fallen Angel Olivia
  • Grizzo
  • Zalerinian


This game will definitely have updates.

Some places may still be inacessible.

Some side dialogues may still be locked.

A quest is not complete yet, but playable.

Even so, you'll be able to reach the end of the game and enjoy this gaming experience at its fullest. 


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War is coming WINDOWS.rar 394 MB
War is coming LINUX.rar 420 MB
War is coming MAC OS X.rar 491 MB

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I've tried this game and i've found it extremely involving. The plot is interesting and the map is wide, and the developer paid attention to every detail. I really suggest this game to everyone. 


I played the game with much curiosity and I'll say that my expectation was fulfilled! The story starts with a good pace and it's very interesting (I also liked the character development a lot) A very enjoyable game i really suggest it!

This game looks promising, I'll give it a try after the final content update has been released (whenever that will be).

Thank you for your comment! There's so much I want to do with this game, not even I can say for certain when I'll stop working at it!